Together, AAUW and LUNA® Bar Champion Equal Pay – AAUW Salary Negotiation Programs

Equal pay is very simple. It’s about what is right and fair. Too many experienced, educated, valuable and hardworking women aren’t being compensated fairly. There’s no reason why any woman should be paid less because of gender.”
— Journalist and Equal Pay Advocate Catt Sadler

At AAUW we’re moving the needle on the gender pay gap through our innovative research, powerful advocacy, and salary negotiation programs for women across the country. Today, on average women working full time, year-round are typically paid just 82 percent of what men are paid, amounting to a gap of 18 percent. And for most women of color, the gap is even worse. Thanks to support from LUNA Bar, AAUW is teaching even more women to confidently negotiate their salary and benefits packages.

As the creator of the first nutrition bar for women, LUNA has been empowering women everywhere from day one. For the past 19 years LUNA has championed women, providing platforms, tools, and energy for women to blaze new trails and never settle for the status quo. LUNA has supported women’s equality in areas where they are traditionally underrepresented, such as film, sport, and business, by creating opportunities for their voices to be heard.

In partnership with AAUW, LUNA is continuing its history of championing women’s equality by raising awareness for a longstanding inequality: the gender pay gap. Collaborating with AAUW, Journalist and Equal Pay Advocate Catt Sadler, and four fierce negotiators, LUNA is shining a light on the power of negotiation as one way women can help get the fair compensation they deserve.

AAUW’s salary negotiation programs are designed to empower women with the skills to successfully negotiate for what they’re worth. Sign up for a no-cost AAUW salary negotiation workshop.

As part of our partnership with LUNA® Bar, AAUW’s popular Work Smart workshops are going online!